Crypto Failures - And not just in bitcoin...

Crypto used to mean cryptography - and the business of older mathematicians with a serious demeanor. Nowadays, everyone wants some crypto, be it coins, ICOs or similar offering. What people forget though is that crypto is hard - and putting real money in crypto is very risky if you don't actually have cryptographers in your team! In this talk, we will review some common crypto failures and how they led to some of the biggest issues we've seen in recent years.

Intelligent systems, but are they secure?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the newest addition to a crowded IT toolset. In this talk we will explore how intelligent systems add new attack surfaces to the organization, new attack methods and the targets attackers pursue in the AI landscape.

JARVIS never saw it coming: Hacking machine learning (ML) in speech, text and face recognition - and frankly, everywhere else

Exploits, Backdoors, and Hacks: words we do not commonly hear when speaking of Machine Learning (ML). In this talk, we will present the relatively new field of hacking and manipulate machine learning systems and the potential these techniques pose for active offensive research.

Using Machines to exploit Machines - harnessing AI to accelerate exploitation

Imagine yourself looking through a myriad number of crash dumps trying to find that one exploitable bug that has escaped you for days! We will explore ML to offensively explore, categorize and determine the exploitability of crashes and bugs, accelerating the triage process for exploitation