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Value Added Presentations

Some Notes

During a recent staff meeting and planning day, we had a nice session with some interesting concepts shared with us by Shiraz Cohen Grad from Vayomar. I wanted to take this oppurtunity to share my notes and my understanding of the contepts shares.

5 Element Presentation

Define the need of the audience, work from there

  1. Value - why?
  2. Call to action - what do I suggest?
    • High level definition
    • Strong advantage for reccomendation, also share weaknesses (they better come from you than the audience)
    • 2 alternatives (either equal or backup discussion)
  3. Assumptions
  4. Supporting Data
  5. KPI - control mechanisms (doesn’t have to be time bound)

KPI for a Successful Presentation

  • Clarity
  • Relevance
  • Engagement/Interaction
  • Presence


  • Place the audience first, then yourself
  • Build your opening on the your audience’s needs
  • disarm blind spots in advance
  • Prepare answers to questions in advance
  • Move emphasis to the first slides, or get lost in the Q&A
  • 70% presenter, 30% presentation - keep it focused on you and not the slides
  • Leave the last slide showing: KPI or call to action
  • How to get your target to listen? how can you engage them?
  • Two major traits to focus on:
    • Expertise - show why they should be listening to you.
    • Personable - relate to the target, approachable, added value to the listener
  • Focus on your desired outcome: Value == desired end state


  • Prepare two different decks: one for sharing and one for presenting
  • Optimal length: ~10 slides
  • drop the challenges and problem statement
  • Skip agenda slides - speak them
  • Start with the desired outcome
  • Time/Quantity/Clarity
  • Lacking resources is never an outcome
  • Resources <– Solution <– Obstacles <– Desired Outcome, either theirs or yours
  • Review: Focus –> Greatest Wins –> Dicsussion/Take aways
  • Remove redundancy as much as possible
  • When designing the presentation:
    • Objectives
    • Audience
    • Setting
  • Keep headlines focused on key takeways
  • Advantages in descending order for the audience
  • use bullet anumation to focus discussion and prevent read-ahead
  • Margins around the slide core (bottom 13), to prevent projector issues or view bloackage
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