33C3 (CCC)

Guy Barnhart-Magen

January 1, 2017

Personal Experience

This is the 5th year that I’ve attended the CCC’s major event. I spent 4 days at the 33rd CCC conference in Hamburg (Germany), where a somewhat over 60,000 people attended this year, Other than an opportunity to catch up with old friends, and learn what’s new in the hacking scene - there were awesome talks (just like any year).

I thought to dedicate this blog post to the best talks I saw, obviously this is very subjective (and suffers from a selection bias).

For those talks that were of special interest, I added a small disclaimer describing the talk - the others are still recommended.


The CCC event is always full of interesting people, great community and a crowd of hackers and makers interacting together. There is a strict policy not to photograph people without their consent - so the photos below show some atmosphere and not people.

The Beutiful CCH at day and night

A surprise appearance during the Keynote, unfortunately no Doctor…

Just like every year, a brigade of yarn bombers knit everything

Sadly, this was hung days before Carry Fisher passed away

Memes were all over the place…

Recommended talks have a tag for easier lookup.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Although there were some nice talks, I attended some workshops. The workshops are the real value of the congress as they allow to learn from experts on random subjects, in the ad-hoc gathering. Unfortunately - no videos.