AppSecIL 2017 (OWASP IL)

Guy Barnhart-Magen

October 19, 2017

My Impressions

This is my first time speaking at OWASP and I found the experience exhiliirating :-)

The venue was familiar from recent years (this was not the first time I attended OWASPs conference in Israel) but this year everything seemed to be much better organized.

I volunteered at the “CV Review” workshop to assist people in reviewing and improving their CVs from my experience as a hiring manager, and I also gave talk - which unfortunately was the last talk of the day.

You can find a link to the talk and materials here

CV Workshop

During the hour I spent at the workshop I advised 5 different people with the same basic advice:

  1. Place a short paragraph at the top of your CV explainging what added value do you bring to a position, based on all the work experience you have so far (from all positions)
  2. Explain what did you do at each position you held and what value did you bring - not the job description
  3. Include in your CV keywords that are relevant to the position you are applying to
  4. Keep your CV clean with the most important information at the top of the page - this is your most valuable real estate on your CVs, the area with the highest chance of being read (and where decision to read further are made)
  5. In general, for most positions your academic background is not as important as you think, push it to the bottom of your CV

This might merit a post by itself one day

Some pictures from the event

The vendor hall was packed through most of the day, which is a good sign.

I spoke right after @dalmoz (AKA Moshe Zioni), which coincidently I also spoke adjacently to on BSidesTLV, organized by @k3r3en (AKA Keren Elazari)

Speakers dinner was a lot of fun and we had some great conversations around the table