Guy Barnhart-Magen

February 14, 2022

My Keto Journey

I have been on a Keto diet for the most part of the last two years (starting at February, 2020). While this has not always been easy, and I did occasionally fall og the wagon - i am happy with the journey and the results.

In the past, when i first tried the keto diet, i failed. I could not find the time and effort required to be prepared for a fully ketogenic diet, and as such, failed to adhere to the principals.

When i returned to Keto, i had some leads on a bunch of products that I can source locally that really made a difference, along with a new cooking technique, that incidentally, also placed me back on the path to Keto.

Sous-Vide Cooking

For those not familiar with this cooking technique, the idea is to cook water-proofed products in a constant temperature bath of water. I hope to extend this section in the future, so far I cooked beef, salmon and made pickles. I learned a lot along the way, and there are still challenges ahead.

Sourcing Products

I will include some links to products that I liked, some may or may not be pure “keto” - but i am not a fanatic, YMMV

A very nice “mom and pop” style of shop, where they keep inovating with new products and variants.

personal favorites:

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