8200 EISP - Meet the Investors

Guy Barnhart-Magen

November 22, 2016

Yesterday I attended a “Meet the investors” meetup in Tel-Aviv. The meeting was held at a bar (which was nice). The meetup followed a non-conventional format, where the investors gave a short introduction about themselves and the answered some warm-up questions from Facebook and then opened the floor to questions from the crowd.

I wanted to share my impressions and thoughts about their viewpoints and how that differed from the crowd’s expectations.


the 8200 accelerator had over 120 startups to date, out of which over 90 are still active. All of the investment group represented by the speaker invest in a pre-seed to growth stages startups.

Itzik Parnaps, Battery Ventures

Eran Barkat, BRM Group

David Gussarsky, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Battery Ventures are a VC
BRM Group are a family office
Lightspeed Venture Partners are a global VC

Q&A Session

I took notes during the meeting, and I am bringing the investors answer after some rewording of both questions and answers

How should a startup interpret the VC’s response? how can it tell if there is excitement behind the polite facade?

What do you think of equity crowdfunding?

Foreign investors, what do they look like, what do they do?

Would the investors think of validating the value without customers?

There was a mixed message from the panel here, the main point was that before there is something tangible, you shouldn’t give up on your day job. Most startups require a long time to raise money.

What are the main reasons for failure, in teams you believed in

How much should we trade equity for money? Are there good templates for term sheets?

Do you prefer a single or multiple founders?