Singapore 2019

Guy Barnhart-Magen

April 10, 2019

I had the wonderful oppurtunity to travel to Singapore to give a talk during SAS 2019. I had a great time and met a lot of cool people. Singapore is a very high tech country, with a lot of cool stuff going on.

The food was awsome!

Here are some photo’s I took during my stay

Marina Bay Hotel

![](2019-04-13 15.19.44.jpg) this is the view from our hotel, overlooking the bay - with the famous Marina Bay Hotel on the water line.

Winners of the costume party at the Gala Dinner

![](2019-04-10 21.22.17-1.jpg) My good friend Inbar has invested a lot of time into his cyborg outfit (the costume theme was “Ghost in the Shell”), and won the contest!

Eugine Kaspersky and Myself

![](2019-04-10 22.37.08.jpg)

Had the oppurtunity to talk and drink with Eugine, finding some common ground as he has also studied mat and crypto in his youth…

Post conference talk and booze

![](2019-04-13 15.18.38.jpg) Marc Rogers was kind enough to invite Ezra, Katie and myself to his suite to help with the leftover drinks :-)

Singapore Airport

![](2019-04-13 20.39.14.jpg)