Which security conferences do you recommend?

Guy Barnhart-Magen

January 31, 2020

Every once in a while i am asked which security conference I recommend to attend, so I thought I would try to create a little guide that can help guide your decisions. I am somewhat biased, but feel free to take the principals here and rework the results based on your own data.


You can find a lot of information in the online google spread sheet maintained by Inbar Raz

These ranking are based on my own personal experience, and the ranking is hugely biased toward my prefrences.

Event Location Type Cost Size
t2 Finland Technical 1337 Euros Small
BSidesTLV Israel Technical/Community Free Medium
BlueHatIL Israel Technical Free (but need to think ahead to get tickets) Medium
SkyTalks USA Community ? Small
BSidesLV USA Technical/Community Free (but need to think ahead to get tickets) Large
CCC Germany Technical/Community 150 Euros Huge
DefCon USA Technical/Community 300 USD Huge
HackInParis France Technical ? Medium
44con UK Technical Medium Medium
SAS Chainging Technical ? Medium
OWASP Israel Community Free Medium
BlackHat USA Commercial 2500 USD Huge
RSA USA Commercial 2500 USD Huge


  1. Is someone paying me to travel? flights, hotels, etc.
  2. How expensive is the event?
  3. do I wnat to focus more on industry trends, technical topics or have great conversations?
  4. How far from home am I willing to travel, and for how long?