Docker in Production: A History of Failure (retort)

In a recent post (Docker in Production: A History of Failure ) I shared my thoughts about using Docker in production, based mainly on a widely spread blog post by the HFT guy. His post really brought up a storm of responses, where i think the best captured one is the following post. TL;DR: Docker can be used in production, if you take precautions and keep on top of tooling.

AllDayDevOps 2016

I “attended” the online AllDayDevOps conference today. This was a new experience for me as the entire conference was given remotely. This was interesting both from a logistical point of view as well as an academic one. The conference itself was massive (over 12,000 attendees) sharing three simultaneous tracks through live youtube streaming. The track which i followed was security related (unsurprisingly). There were interesting conversations on slack as well as the chat feature of youtube, which helped keep people interested and focused on the conference itself.

Docker in Production: A History of Failure

I recently encountered a blog post about the troubles of usage of docker in a production environment. I have done some study into the meaning of using docker in a production environment and while it is very easy to get lost in the hype, glamour and overall excitement, the bottom line is that this post resonated well with me and my recent forays into the world of containers. I think the TL;DR of his blog post is: