t2 security conference - the best one yet!

TL;DR: t2 Is the best conference I have ever been to. I think that this conference has managed to nail down something very elusive and difficult - the right balance between human interaction and technical talks. I got the distinct impression through the conference that the main event was the hallway talks and that the scheduled talks were more of a break in the session. Disclaimer: I was one of the speakers at the conference, but I speak at many conferences…

SW Architecture 2017

My impressions from the ILTAM SW Architecture 2017 conference day

DC9723 October Meeting

My impressions from the DC9723 October 2017 meeting where I gave a talk on the 2015 Ukraine Power Grid Attack

AppSecIL 2017 (OWASP IL)

My impressions from the AppSecIL 2017 conference where I gave a talk on 'Adversarial Machine Learning'

BIU Hackathon

I was asked to mentor at the BIU Cyber/Crypto Hackathon, these are some of my insights...

BlueHatIL 2017

UPDATE: I just learned today that Microsoft shared some of the decks and videos from BlueHat IL. They can be found here Microsoft Israel has successfully launched the BlueHat IL conference in Israel for the first time. Unexpectedly, this conference was not focused on marketing or pushing their agenda but rather on security related topics from excellent speakers. I attended the first day, and I am kind of sorry I missed the second day.

33C3 (CCC)

Personal Experience This is the 5th year that I’ve attended the CCC’s major event. I spent 4 days at the 33rd CCC conference in Hamburg (Germany), where a somewhat over 60,000 people attended this year, Other than an opportunity to catch up with old friends, and learn what’s new in the hacking scene - there were awesome talks (just like any year). I thought to dedicate this blog post to the best talks I saw, obviously this is very subjective (and suffers from a selection bias).

AllDayDevOps 2016

I “attended” the online AllDayDevOps conference today. This was a new experience for me as the entire conference was given remotely. This was interesting both from a logistical point of view as well as an academic one. The conference itself was massive (over 12,000 attendees) sharing three simultaneous tracks through live youtube streaming. The track which i followed was security related (unsurprisingly). There were interesting conversations on slack as well as the chat feature of youtube, which helped keep people interested and focused on the conference itself.