DC9723 October Meeting

My impressions from the DC9723 October 2017 meeting where I gave a talk on the 2015 Ukraine Power Grid Attack

Offensive AI: "Some rules can be bent, others can be broken"

Can machine learning be used to break/circumvent machine learning? Machine learning has taken over the world by a storm as computing power has gotten cheaper and cheaper. Running large scale computations is now in the reach of most developers and organizations. Building complex systems based on machine learning algorithms allow specialized classification of inputs - either matching the pattern or not. However, looking at these many different implementations from a security perspective offer us a unique vantage point - adversarial machine learning.

Containers are not virtual machines!

What every hacker once knew, a walk down history's lane

The Threat Horizon: Preparing for the Future

The Future of Malware

Security Development Lifecycle - how did we get so lost along the way?

It worked on my computer!

Think like a hacker

AppSecIL 2018 CV Workshop