Guy Barnhart-Magen

June, 2022

Pwrful Presentations

February, 2022


March, 2020

Hamagen App

January, 2020

Which security conferences do you recommend?


DC9723: Crypto Fails – from basics to advanced stuff

5 Years in Cyber

June, 2019

Lessons Learned from the NotPetya Cyber-Attack

April, 2019

Singapore 2019

November, 2017

SW Architecture 2017

Value Added Presentations

October, 2017

DC9723 October Meeting

AppSecIL 2017 (OWASP IL)

May, 2017

BIU Hackathon

January, 2017

BlueHatIL 2017

33C3 (CCC)

November, 2016

8200 EISP - Meet the Investors

Docker in Production: A History of Failure (retort)

AllDayDevOps 2016

Docker in Production: A History of Failure

October, 2016

Story Telling With Data

September, 2016

Cybersecurity for Smart Buildings Podcast

Keeping Informed

Keeping your Head Above the Waves

Security Problems of an Eleven Year Old

July, 2016

Why The IoT Is Potentially The Most Dangerous Thing In The World

June, 2016

NIST: Agencies must prepare to get hacked

IoT security concerns plague executives

January, 0001